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Sports Massage

Using knowledge of functional anatomy and common musculoskeletal injuries, specific muscle groups are targeted according to the information given by each client, but also from what the therapist perceives before and during the treatment. Sports massage is one of the best ways to recover from high training loads or stresses. Manual manipulation of your myofascial layers during a massage stimulates blood flow and helps to normalize your muscle tone.It is ideal to use it as part of a training programme to repair and rejuvenate before, during or after an event. 

Sports Massage is not only for those involved in sport – but for anyone who requires a treatment that targets specific areas of tension, fatigue or injury – as a result of repetitive or prolonged activity.

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Kirsten Pheiffer

Sports massage therapist

As an avid Sportswoman, Kirsten not only knows the effort that goes into getting ready for your next event, but also the frustration of those small niggles that you leave until they are too late. Her passion is to understand and help each individual to reach their full potential.